Cavity-Bias Sampling in Reaction Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulations

Report No. ARL-RP-142
Authors: J. K. Brennan
Date/Pages: September 2006; 14 pages
Abstract: A methodology is presented to sample efficiently configurations of reacting mixtures in the reaction ensemble Monte Carlo simulation technique. A cavity-biasing scheme is used, which more effectively samples configurations than conventional random sampling. Akin to other biasing schemes that are implemented into insertion-based Monte Carlo methods such as Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo, the method presented here searches for space in the reacting mixture whereby the insertion of a product molecule is energetically favoured. This sampling bias is then corrected in the acceptance criteria. The approach allows for the study of reacting mixtures at high density as well as for polyatomic molecular species. For some cases, the method is shown to increase the efficiency of the reaction steps by a factor greater than 20. The approach is shown to be readily generalized to other biasing schemes such as orientational-biasing of polar molecules and configurational-biasing of chain-like molecules.
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