Model of High-Energy-Density Battery Based on SiC Schottky Diodes

Report No. ARL-TR-3981
Authors: Yves Ngu; Marc Litz; Bruce Geil
Date/Pages: October 2006; 20 pages
Abstract: Silicon carbide (SiC) diodes are being investigated as direct energy converters (DECs) for use in small, long-lived nuclear power sources for unattended sensors. Voltage and current measurements on Schottky diodes fabricated from both Si and SiC result in typical efficiencies of 5 to 15%. A drift-diffusion model has been developed to predict the output and to help us better understand the radiation-induced current that results. This report describes the initial conditions, the drift-diffusion algorithm, and the material parameters used in the model. The results of the model compare well to experimental data.
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