Performance Assessment: University of Michigan Meta-Material-Backed Patch Antenna

Report No. ARL-TN-0269
Authors: Robert Dahlstrom and Steven Weiss
Date/Pages: January 2007; 11 pages
Abstract: This report describes measurements performed on a meta-material-backed patch antenna designed and fabricated at the University of Michigan for use by CERDEC. The purpose of the measurements was to resolve inconsistencies between the performance measured at these two organizations. The antenna consists of a microstrip patch, with a broad-banding slot, backed by a reactive impedance surface. The gain and impedance characteristics of the meta-material-backed patch antenna were found to be in agreement with the values reported by the University of Michigan within the accuracy of our measurement. The antenna proves to be broadband, both in impedance and antenna pattern characteristics, and promises to be useful for many applications.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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