Stochastic Analysis of Initial Extended Area Protection and Survivability (EAPS) Projectile

Report No. ARL-TR-4140
Authors: Michael M. Chen
Date/Pages: June 2007; 30 pages
Abstract: Gun propulsion modeling has been undergoing development for many decades. Because of the great strides in recent development, one has been able to estimate in-bore pressure-time history at a fairly accurate level. However, some underlying assumptions among the models exhibit certain level of uncertainties, such as the time-varying friction between the obturator and bore surface, the granular shape variations of propelling charges, the packaging deviations of each propellant load, etc. These factors explain the fact that the recorded pressure levels differ from one gun shot to another with the same gun and projectile system in many experimental tests. Thus, this report considered the variations of the factors as a whole and investigated in-bore responses of the Extended Area Protection and Survivability projectile, subject to the inherent randomness of propulsion forces. The results provide a better understanding of the projectile behavior during proposed circumstances.
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Last Update / Reviewed: June 1, 2007