Reactive Gas Phase Compression Due to Shock-Induced Cavity Collapse in Energetic Materials

Report No. ARL-RP-179
Authors: Linhbao Tran
Date/Pages: June 2007; 16 pages
Abstract: A mesoscale simulation is carried out to examine shock-initiation due to gas phase reaction at site of cylindrical pore within an HMX crystal. The focus here is to investigate viscoplastic heating with gas pore compression that leads to chemical reactions within the gas phase. Systems of conservation laws for both solid and gas phases are solved along with species conservation from a reduced set of chemical kinetic model. Mass, momentum, and energy transfer between phases are applied explicitly at the solid-gas interface using physical boundary conditions, thus avoiding empiricism of mixture multiphase formulation. These transfer processes are critical in the Mach stem formation around the collapsing reacting gas pore.
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