Human Factors Experimental Design and Analysis Reference

Report No. ARL-RP-0186
Authors: Robert C. Willages
Date/Pages: July 2007; 1130 pages
Abstract: CADRE (computer-aided design reference for experiments) is a desktop computer tool for human factors and ergonomic researchers. The tool is in Acrobat1 format for cross-platform computer use and has more than 500 bookmarks for information search. This tool provides more than 850 Power-Point2 note pages of applied experimental design and analysis reference material. The reference material covers 25 topics and is divided into five major sections including introduction to experimental design, supplemental data collection design and analysis, basic analysis of variance (ANOVA) designs, advanced ANOVA designs, and empirical model building. References to the scientific literature are provided in each topic for supplemental reading. The CADRE tool also provides more than 200 pages explaining 40 examples of statistical analyses covered by the reference material. These examples are hyperlinked to Version 9.1.3 of the SAS3 (2004) statistical analysis software, and the sample SAS programs can be easily modified for user-specific data.

1Acrobat is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.
2PowerPoint is a trademark of Microsoft.
3SAS, which is not an acronym, is a registered trademark of the SAS Institute, Inc.
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