Advanced Fast Curing Adhesives for Adverse Conditions

Report No. ARL-RP-183
Authors: Daniel De Bonis; John La Scala
Date/Pages: July 2007; 21 pages
Abstract: Numerous adhesives are available which provide fast, strong and durable bonding on a variety of substrates. There are however, no current adhesives which meet all these criteria when used in wet or underwater applications. Existing adhesive technology falls short of current military field requirements which often require adhesive applications be made successfully in seconds, not minutes, in cold wet environments. Research is being carried out to develop faster, low temperature curing, aquatic capable adhesives with properties equal to existing dry application formulations. A large variety of commercial adhesive formulations were characterized to determine their applicability for potential modification and use. Additives and modifiers were developed to create adhesives that quickly form strong bonds between water saturated surfaces and cure sufficiently in the presence of water. The approach to modification includes novel experimentation as well as integration of traditional adhesive chemistry in non-traditional ways.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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