Unsteady Flow Computations of a Finned Body in Supersonic Flight

Report No. ARL-TR-4230
Authors: Jubaraj Sahu
Date/Pages: August 2007; 30 pages
Abstract: This report describes a multidisciplinary computational study undertaken to compute the flight trajectories and simultaneously predict the unsteady free flight aerodynamics of a finned projectile at supersonic speeds with the use of an advanced unstructured time-accurate Navier-Stokes computational technique. Actual flight trajectories are computed with an advanced coupled computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-rigid body dynamics (RBD) technique. In addition, our goal is to be able to extract the aerodynamic coefficients from these fully coupled time-accurate CFD-RBD computations. Computed positions and orientations of the projectile have been compared with actual data measured from free flight tests and are found to be generally in good agreement. Unsteady numerical results obtained from the coupled method and unstructured grids show the flow field, the extracted aerodynamic forces and moments, and the flight trajectories of the projectile. Aerodynamic coefficients such as the dynamic derivatives have been obtained with a separate unsteady time-accurate CFD approach and have been compared with the extracted aerodynamic coefficients from the fully coupled dynamic simulations.
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