Combining Structure and Power in Battery Materials

Report No. ARL-RP-189
Authors: James F. Snyder, Robert H. Carter, and Eric D. Wetzel
Date/Pages: September 2007; 8 pages
Abstract: This report is a reprint of a paper published in Proceedings of the American Chemical Society Division of Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering (PMSE Preprints) by the American Chemical Society in Fall 2004. Many current applications demand lighter and stronger structural materials. In addition, more weight efficient power generating devices are needed to support the increasing integration of electronic technology into everyday systems. A multifunctional concept for material development will be presented that combines structural performance with power generation. Such devices would replace inert structural components in common items, such as a vehicle shell, and simultaneously provide supplementary power for light load applications. Particular focus is on the development of polymer electrolyte membranes which exhibit an efficient combination of structural and electrochemical properties. A greater emphasis is placed on structure than is generally seen in the literature. We will present several routes that are underway in our lab to accomplish this goal, including development of fast ion conductive rigid polymers; ion conductive resins or resin scaffolds filled with amorphous polymer; and blending inorganic fibers and fillers with amorphous polymer electrolytes.
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