Coupled CFD/GN&C Modeling for a Smart Material Canard Actuator

Report No. ARL-TR-4265
Authors: Paul Weinacht
Date/Pages: September 2007; 30 pages
Abstract: The performance of a smart material canard actuator has been investigated using coupled computational fluid dynamics, guidance, navigation and control, and structural models. The predictions show that the open-loop response of the smart material actuator does not produce the commanded deflection due to the interaction of the externally applied aerodynamic hinge moment with the flexible actuator structure. A closed-loop feedback control law with integral control is applied in order for the canard to attain the commanded deflection. However, the predictions show that the gain for the integral controller must be correctly selected to obtain the proper response of the canard. The selected gain is dependent on both the structural characteristics of the actuator and the applied aerodynamics.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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