Characterization of Two 120-mm Primers - the M129 and M125

Report No. ARL-TR-4346
Authors: Stephen L. Howard; Anthony W. Williams
Date/Pages: December 2007; 34 pages
Abstract: Increased precision/lethality of large-caliber weapons has been a goal of many for a number of years. Different (more energetic propellant compositions and configurations have provided much of the increases in performance. However, ever-increasing loading densities and the goal of more insensitive propellants translate to the need for ignition systems that are optimized for the propelling charge. Without such optimization, pressure waves can increase, thus endangering the gun and crew, or the ignition stimulus can be inappropriate, with resulting ignition delays and/or weakened ignition. The thrust of this investigation was to obtain interior pressure measurements and venting temperatures of the M129 and M125 primers (standard 120-mm primers). These data, coupled with the venting patterns revealed by high-speed video, provide baseline data for computer model formulation and validation so that the optimization process with the possibility of increase precision/lethality can be realized.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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