Research-Based Display Design Guidelines for Vehicle Crewman and Ground Warrior Interfaces, Which Enhance Situational Understanding and Decision Cycle Performance

Report No. ARL-TR-4231
Authors: Elizabeth S. Redden; Linda R. Elliott
Date/Pages: August 2007; 320 pages
Abstract: This document is written primarily for designers of the information displays for Future Force Warrior and the Future Combat Systems and was sponsored by Situational Understanding as an Enabler for the Unit of Action Maneuver Team Army Technology Objective (ATO). It provides guidelines pertaining to the design of displays to increase the efficiencies of warfighters in echelons of platoon and below. These guidelines address interventions and strategies that avoid information overload and incompatibility between display designs and warfighter primary tasks. This document includes guidelines based upon ATO-sponsored research experiments and meta-analyses regarding the optimization of different types of displays (e.g., visual, auditory, tactile); designing displays for different types of tasks; and designing for individual differences that can affect performance with different types of displays. For each guideline, a commentary, examples, and sources are provided. The guiding principles that are contained in the appendix of this document were developed from a review of available literature on experiments that were performed outside the ATO.
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