Sensor Performance Evaluator for Battlefield Environments (SPEBE) C++ Application

Report No. ARL-TR-4363
Authors: David Marlin (U.S. Army Research Laboratory) and Shane Thomas (Physical Science
Date/Pages: January 2008; 104 pages
Abstract: In this report, a C++ library based on a compiled version of the Matlab-based Sensor Performance Evaluator for Battlefield Environments (SPEBE) is described. The library encapsulates the details of the Matlab infrastructure, including m-files and mxArray manipulation functions, so that the programmer can concentrate on the use of SPEBE rather than the details of compiled Matlab code. The high-level architecture of SPEBE is duplicated in the C++ class hierarchy, providing the programmer with classes that represent the functional grouping of data and computations found in SPEBE. These high-level classes are derived from low-level classes, which encapsulate the mxArrays and invoke the compiled m-files. Thus, the high-level classes are insensitive to changes in the compiled Matlab code resulting from Matlab revisions, while the low-level classes provide basic compiled Matlab functionality without regard to the overall SPEBE architecture. This greatly simplifies maintenance of the library in response to changes in either Matlab or SPEBE.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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