Metastable Polymeric Nitrogen: The Ultimate Green High-Energy-Density Material

Report No. ARL-TR-4478
Authors: Jennifer A. Ciezak
Date/Pages: June 2008; 30 pages
Abstract: Fourier transform infrared and Raman studies were performed on a N2/H2 mixture with a 2:1 ratio over a large pressure range (5-85 GPa) at room temperature in a diamond anvil cell. Based on the spectroscopic features observed within this pressure range and a thorough comparison to the vibronic modes of pure N2 and H2, the vibrational spectra have been assigned. The difference between the infrared and Raman vibron frequencies for pure N2 and H2 relative to those observed in the N2/H2 mixture is interpreted quantitatively with references to the possibility of new bonding arrangements or charge transfer between the components. High-pressure ultraviolet/visible electronic spectroscopy shows a broad absorption band that splits into two features near 30 GPa. The splitting of the absorption peak corroborates with the modifications that occur in the vibrational spectrum at similar pressures. Single-crystal x-ray diffraction studies were performed on the N2/H2 complex to near 17 GPa, and the similarities to pure nitrogen as well as the limitations of the experiments are discussed.
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