Calibrated Mid-wave Infrared (IR) (MidIR) and Long-wave IR (LWIR) Stokes and Degree-of-Liner Polarization (DOLP)

Report No. ARL-TR-4544
Authors: Kristan P. Gurton and Melvin Felton
Date/Pages: September 2008; 30 pages
Abstract: We present radiometric and polarimetric calibrated imagery recorded in both the mid-wave infrared (IR) (MidIR) and long-wave IR (LWIR) as a function of diurnal variation over several multiday periods. We compare differences in polarimetric and conventional thermal imagery for both IR atmospheric transmission windows, i.e., the 3-5 μm and 8-12 μm regions. Meteorological parameters measured during the study include temperature, relative humidity, wind speed/direction, precipitation, and ambient atmospheric IR loading. The two camera systems used in the study differed significantly in design. The LWIR polarimetric sensor utilizes a spinning achromatic retarder and is best suited for static scenes, while the MidIR system is based on a division-of-aperture design and is capable of recording polarimetric imagery of targets that are rapidly moving. Examples of both S0 (conventional thermal) and degree-of-linear polarization (DOLP) imagery are presented and compared.
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