Meteorological/Sensor Optimization Urban Summary and Model Survey

Report No. ARL-TR-4572
Authors: Manuel D. Bustillos, Gail T. Vaucher, Robert O. Brice, and Ron Cionco
Date/Pages: September 2008; 26 pages
Abstract: This report provides an introduction and survey of a proposed resource that offers an Army-relevant review of models as well as an assessment of models for future U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Urban Studies. The resource documentation establishes a number of models available from military and government agencies, colleagues, open literature, product reviews, technical reports, and Web sites, and provides a description of valuable factors, including sensors, measurement rates, analog and digital inputs and outputs, as well as some insight into how the models were prepared. It also provides a focus on urban topics, model availability to ARL's Battlefield Environment division, and the ARL cross-branch collaboration in order to give researchers quick access to reviews of an assortment of models with general and specific characteristics without the complexity of having to sort through information on the Internet. It also include a survey of urban models with another size of footprint (spatial) models. The resource is available in two 3-ring loose-leaf binders or on a CD, either of which can be requested by ARL and non-ARL researchers. By using this resource, researchers will be able to identify the model of their choice and then take action to form their need.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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