Electrical Conductivity Measurement of Nonideal Carbon Plasma

Report No. ARL-TR-4551
Authors: George B. Vunni; Alan W. DeSilva
Date/Pages: August 2008; 20 pages
Abstract: The electrical conductivity of carbon plasmas is measured in the range of densities from 0.16 solid density down to about 0.05 solid density and reported for values of internal energy ranging from 4 to 22 kJ/g. Plasmas are formed by rapid electrical discharge through thin graphite fibers immersed in a water bath. The pressure in the expanding plasma column is determined by a hydrodynamic model to describe the effect on the water surround. At constant internal energy per unit mass U, conductivity σ varies with specific volume V as σ = Vα, where α is about 1.2 for U < 6 kJ/g , and rises to about 1.5 for U = 22 kJ/g.
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