Investigation into the Effect of Reagent Choice on the Dielectric Properties of the Ferroelectric Oxides Ba(MTa)0.05Ti0.9O3 (where M=Sc, Er, Ho or Y)

Report No. ARL-TR-4622
Authors: Virginia Lea Miller and Steven C. Tidrow
Date/Pages: October 2008; 24 pages
Abstract: This report investigates the effects of reagent choice on the physical properties of ferroelectric oxides of the composition Ba(MTa)0.05Ti0.9O3 (M=Sc, Er, Ho or V). These materials are of particular interest because they possess relatively low to medium dielectric constants and improved tunabilities. In this project, samples of Ba(MTa)0.05Ti0.9O3 (M=Sc, Er, Ho or Y) were prepared using two different synthetic methods. The first method consisted of heating a stoichiometric mixture of binary carbonates and oxides in air at 1500 °C for 25 hours. In the second synthetic method, Ba(MTa)0.05Ti0.9O3 was prepared using the same reaction conditions as the first method, but stoichiometric mixtures of BaTiO3 and Ba2MTaO6 (M= Sc, Er, Ho or Y) were used as the reagents. The goal of this project was to determine if using BaTiO3 and Ba2MTaO6 as reagents in the synthesis of Ba(MTa)0.05Ti0.9O3, rather than binary oxides and carbonates, would alter and possibly improve the material’s dielectric properties. The results indicated that the choice of reagents had a noticeable effect on the dielectric properties. Materials prepared using BaTiO3 and Ba2MTaO6 had larger dielectric constants and were more temperature sensitive than the materials prepared using binary carbonates and oxides.
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