Two-Dimensional Current Diffusion in the Rails of a Railgun

Report No. ARL-TR-4618
Authors: John D. Powell; Alexander E. Zielinski
Date/Pages: October 2008; 28 pages
Abstract: We extend a previously developed, two-dimensional model for investigating current and heat transport in railguns. The new model permits the treatment of problems in which there are two components of the magnetic induction and a single component of the current density. In our previous models, there were two components of the current density and only one component of the magnetic induction. The basic mathematical formalism is developed and applied to a two-dimensional configuration in rectangular coordinates. The model is then used to investigate current diffusion into a pair of parallel rails such as might be appropriate in a railgun behind the projectile. The calculations produce the time and spatial distributions of the electromagnetic fields within the rails. Some physical discussion of the results is provided.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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