A Process-Oriented Nuts and Bolts Tutorial for Implementing Manpower and Personnel Integration (MANPRINT) Evaluations

Report No. ARL-TR-4637
Authors: Otto H. Heuckeroth
Date/Pages: November 2008; 256 pages
Abstract: Manpower and Personnel Integration (MANPRINT) type concerns for military and non-military systems under development have been of interest as long as man has been developing systems. In the mid 1980s, as the MANPRINT program was being formally developed, personnel who would implement this initiative received a 3-week training course on the more management-oriented aspects for MANPRINT. Following this training, those selected to conduct MANPRINT evaluations during operational testing had to work out the data-collection procedures. Our role to provide MANPRINT evaluations to each new emerging system made it necessary to continually adapt implementing methodology to conduct those evaluations. Initial impetus for this report followed a request by the Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Directorate (IEWTD) at Fort Huachuca to develop a tutorial on how MANPRINT evaluations could be implemented. While most MANPRINT Assessments do well in presenting problems identified (are product-oriented), they frequently are incomplete on the detailed data collection methodology-the specific processes used. Based upon the MANPRINT support procedures used (or developed) by the author since 1986 for several emerging systems, a group-oriented training tutorial on those processes was developed. Thanks to a formative review of this document by the Fort Hood Field Element Chief, the tutorial presented here has been redesigned for use by individuals.
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