Near-Field Impulse Loading Measurement Techniques for Evaluating Explosive Blast

Report No. ARL-RP-235
Authors: Thuvan Piehler; Avi Birk; Richard Benjamin; Vincent Boyle; Eugene Summers; Stephen Aubert
Date/Pages: January 2009; 14 pages
Abstract: Near-field blast loading on a target and the correlation between the charge design and blast impulse were determined and evaluated by using the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) blast bar gauge and the ARL blast integrator (BI) device. The term near-field refers to a distance less than or equal to ten charge diameters. The pressure-time data used as a measurement of blast loading were obtained using the ARL blast bar gauge mounted in a blast chamber. The ARL blast bar gauge and electrical circuit were tested and calibrated successfully. The total impulse measurements were obtained using the BI device. The blast was generated by a two-inch diameter by four-inch long cylindrical charge simultaneously initiated at both ends. This report describes the experiments and summarizes the results.
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