Microstructural and Mechanical Behavior Characterization of Ultrasonically Consolidated Titanium-Aluminum Laminates

Report No. ARL-RP-239
Authors: Tomoko Sano; James Catalano; Daniel Casem; Dattatraya Dandekar
Date/Pages: February 2009; 12 pages
Abstract: Multilayered hybrid metal laminates have been studied for structural applications due to their potential for higher strength, toughness, and stiffness. The goal of this study was to modify the microstructure and mechanical properties of commercial purity titanium (CP-Ti) and 1100 aluminum (Al) laminates for potential applications in mine blast mitigation. Alternating layers of 50 ¿m thick CP-Ti and Al layers were ultrasonically consolidated. To provide high hardness and stiffness, the consolidated laminates were heat-treated in a variety of conditions to form intermetallic titanium aluminide (TiAl3) layers. The resulting CP-Ti/TiAl3/Al laminates were characterized by scanning electron microscopy. Plate impact testing, an instrumented laboratory scale test to characterize the dynamic spall behavior of the material, was conducted on select laminates. Based on these results, the CP-Ti/TiAl3/Al laminate had a higher spall strength compared to the Cp-Ti/Al laminate.
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