An Extensive X-ray Computed Tomography Evaluation of a Fully Penetrated Encapsulated SiC MMC Ballistic Panel

Report No. ARL-TR-4787
Authors: William H. Green; Robert H. Carter
Date/Pages: April 2009; 20 pages
Abstract: X-ray computed tomography (XCT) is an important nondestructive evaluation technique for revealing the spatial distribution of ballistically induced damage in ceramics. The level of detection and resolution of damage depends on the size of the sample and the parameters of the XCT approach (e.g., focal spot size, magnification, etc.). Previous and ongoing work in this area includes assessment of ballistically induced damage in both individual ceramic targets and ceramic armor panels. Ballistic damage in an encapsulated ceramic armor panel with a metal backing has been scanned and extensively evaluated using XCT two- and three-dimensional (3-D) analysis. The purpose of using XCT evaluation in this study was to better characterize and understand all of the detectable damage. This information can be used to correlate damage features and types with the physical processes of damage initiation and growth. XCT scans and analyses of damage in the panel will be shown and discussed. This will include virtual 3-D solid visualizations and some quantitative analysis of damage features.
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