Demonstration of Ethanol and JP-8 Fuel Atomization Using Micromachined Silicon Multiplexed Electrosprays

Report No. ARL-TR-4816
Authors: Israel Boniche and C. Mike Waits
Date/Pages: May 2009; 24 pages
Abstract: This work discusses the fabrication and experimental testing of multiplexed electrospray (ESpray) devices micromachined in silicon substrates. Variations to the experimental test stands from previous work demonstrating Ethanol spraying are described for the successful demonstration of JP-8 spraying. Five different ESpray devices were microfabricated to gain an understanding of the operating limits for stable electrospraying. The microfabrication of ESpray devices consists of independently fabricating its two components (extractor and nozzle array layers) with standard photolithography and deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) of silicon substrates. Precise alignment (<2 ¿m) and assembly of silicon nozzle and extractor layers is accomplished with optical fibers embedded between the surfaces of each layer. Devices with 90 ¿m and 75 ¿m outer diameter (OD) nozzles showed electrospraying of Ethanol over a range of applied voltages and flow rates. Tests using JP-8 fuel with 1% Stadis 450 (to enhance electrical conductivity) showed flow rates in excess of 0.50 ml/hr/nozzle with 75 ¿m O.D.. devices--an increase compared to Ethanol. Consequently, a continuous and stable electrospray was shown for extended periods (>30 min) for both Ethanol and JP-8 tests.
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