Test and Characterization of Some Zeolite Supported Gas Phase Desulfurization Sorbents

Report No. ARL-TR-4859
Authors: Charles Rong, Deryn Chu, and John Hopkins
Date/Pages: June 2009; 22 pages
Abstract: This report presents the results of sulfidation and regeneration of mixed metal oxide supported on zeolite-Y for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) at 650 and 800 ¿C, along with results for unsupported mixed metal oxide. The capacity for the unsupported oxide was higher than that for the supported oxide, but the unsupported mixed metal oxide showed evidence of sintering at higher temperatures, which resulted in a decreased desulfurization capacity. The sulfidation capacity of the zeolite supported mixed metal oxide, although it started with a lower capacity, was found to be independent of temperature at both 650 and 800 ¿C, suggesting the mixed metal ions supported on zeolite are resistant to sintering at higher temperature, and they appear to have only surface interaction with H2S.
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