Methodology for Dynamic Characterization of Fragmenting Warheads

Report No. ARL-SR-179
Authors: Jason Angel
Date/Pages: May 2009; 20 pages
Abstract: Fragmentation is characterized by a static arena test. In this test, fragmentation data are assembled in a Z-data file, which serves as input to lethality models and includes the velocity and angle of inclination of the warhead to estimate the lethal area of fragmentation. In this report, a new method to confirm the Z-data file and the lethality methodology is proposed. As a test case, the 105-mm high-explosive plastic round was used. This round is a direct-fire projectile and was evaluated in both the dynamic and static modes. This projectile has a Z-data file that is well defined. In the test, metallic witness panels were placed in semi-circular patterns around the proposed burst location of the projectile. The impacts on the witness panels were then compared to the average number of impacts expected based on the Z-data file. The method added data needed to confirm the Z-data file in dynamic tests prior to fielding and also raised possible issues about the overall lethality models when using the current Z-data files.
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