Thermoelectric Properties of Cobalt Triantimonide (CoSb3) Prepared by an Electrochemical Technique

Report No. ARL-TR-5141
Authors: J. Wolfenstine, D. Tran, K. Zhou, and J. Sakamoto
Date/Pages: April 2010; 22 pages
Abstract: A novel electrochemical method has been used to transform an n-type skutterudite of composition Co0.95Pd0.05Te0.05Sb2.95 from a starting material having a crystalline structure with a grain size of about 1 µm into a material with an amorphous structure and a nanoscale grain size (70 nm). Differential scanning calorimetry revealed that crystallization of the amorphous Co0.95Pd0.05Te0.05Sb2.95 powders occurs between 220-260 °C. The electrical resistivity (4-point), Seebeck coefficient, and ZT of the nanoscale-amorphous material were greatly reduced compared to the micron-crystalline starting material. Our findings suggest that the major cause for this is the change in structure from crystalline to amorphous.
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