Viscous Hydrodynamic Model of Non-linear Plasma Oscillations in Two-Dimensional Gated Conduction Channels and Application to the Detection of Terahertz Signals

Report No. ARL-TR-5157
Authors: Sergey Rudin
Date/Pages: April 2010; 36 pages
Abstract: The conduction channel of a heterostructure High Electron Mobility Transistor can act as a plasma wave resonator for charge density oscillations at frequencies significantly higher than the transistor cut-off frequency in a short channel device. In the Dyakonov-Shur detector a short channel HEMT is used for the resonant tunable detection of electromagnetic radiation in the low terahertz range. Here I evaluated the resonant nonlinear response and obtained the temperature dependence of the quality factor of the plasma resonance. I find that in high mobility gated semiconductor conduction channels the quality of the resonance is limited by the temperature dependent viscosity of the electron fluid.
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