Bio-inspired Materials Research for Improved Sensitivity Low-cost Uncooled Infrared (IR) Detector Focal-plane Arrays

Report No. ARL-TR-5172
Authors: Wendy L. Sarney, John W. Little, Frank E. Livingston, Melanie W. Cole, Krisztian Niesz, Teyeb Ould-Ely, and Daniel E. Morse
Date/Pages: April 2010; 22 pages
Abstract: This report describes the highlights of progress made for the 6.2 project "Improved Sensitivity Low-Cost Uncooled IR Detector Focal-Plane Arrays" during the February-April 2009 time period. The program goals corresponded to the continued expansion of our BaTiO3 nanomaterial synthesis capabilities and deposition methods, laser-induced pyroelectric phase conversion studies and spectroscopic end-point control scheme, and comprehensive material characterization studies. The Aerospace Corporation investigated the laser-induced phase conversion of functionalized thin-films from the pryoelectrically-inactive cubic polymorph to the pyroelectrically-active tetragonal polymorph. The Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies (ICB) pursued further refinements in the vapor diffusion reactor design. Efforts also focused on the extension of the thin-film methods for the deposition of smooth, high quality functionalized nanoparticles over a range of thicknesses and nanoparticle densities. ARL investigated the application of various binders for the preparation of thin-films. Efforts also focused on the experimental design and instrumentation required for the pyroelectric capacitance measurements and electrical property analysis on both laser-activated and oven-processed thin-films.
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