Hot-Metal Simulating Igniter for In-Bed Thermal Initiation of Granular Charges

Report No. ARL-TR-5276
Authors: Stephen L. Howard
Date/Pages: August 2010; 14 pages
Abstract: An igniter simulating the effects of penetrating hot-metal fragments into a granular propellant bed was designed, constructed, and tested. This primer was designed to facilitate the characterization of the ignition and early-time combustion processes in a large-caliber propellant charge confined in a closed chamber which was initiated by an in-bed hot ignition source. The primer was used to simulate the situation when charge ignition occurs by a hot fragment that penetrated the chamber wall and remained within the propellant bed. Experiments showed that an igniter composed of micron-sized particle thermite powder (Al/Fe2O3) surrounded by ball powder propellant contained in a cloth tube initiated simultaneously by multiple electrical matches was capable of providing proper ignition stimulus to the propellant charge.
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