Accelerated Corrosion Results for Zinc/Nickel-Plated Automotive Parts Posttreated With Trivalent Chromate Rinse

Report No. ARL-TR-5361
Authors: Chris E. Miller; Brian E. Placzankis; I. Carl Handsy
Date/Pages: September 2010; 24 pages
Abstract: Electroplated zinc/nickel components posttreated with trivalent chromate rinse were randomly selected from production lines of a German automotive manufacturer. Both rack- and barrel-plating processes were represented among the samples. These components were then exposed to one of two accelerated corrosion environments, ASTM B 117 (Standard Method of Salt Spray [Fog] Testing, Annu. Book ASTM Stand., 1997) or GM 9540 (Accelerated Corrosion Test; General Motors Engineering Standards, 1997). Performance under accelerated corrosion conditions far exceeded expectations suggesting viable military use with little or no additional capital expenditure.
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