Diffraction Free Light Source for Ghost Imaging of Objects Viewed Through

Report No. ARL-TR-5095
Authors: Ronald E. Meyers
Date/Pages: February 2010; 22 pages
Abstract: Quantum imaging is a new science that is developing new technology such as Quantum Ghost Imaging (QGI) to exploit quantum optical information. This research experimentally demonstrated the ability of diffraction free light sources to penetrate partially obscuring media and ghost image opaque objects. The experiments using diffraction free light beams were successful, supporting the capability of QGI to reveal images of objects through partial obstructions of the illumination. The results of this effort also demonstrated the ability to perform Quantum Inspired Ghost Imaging (QIGI) using only a single sensor, that is, a distant single-pixel bucket detector to ghost image opaque objects. Randomly displaced nearly diffraction free Bessel beams were successful at providing illumination patterns for the QIGI and resolving a small distant target. QIGI successfully recovered the image of the object even when the coarse illuminating Bessel beam had re-formed after passing through the obstruction of a small aperture displaced transverse to the laser beam.
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