Impact and Ballistic Response of Hybridized Thermoplastic Laminates

Report No. ARL-MR-0769
Authors: Lionel Vargas-Gonzalez, Shawn M. Walsh, and James Wolbert
Date/Pages: February 2011; 26 pages
Abstract: Recent Army research has focused on the use of thermoplastic-based polymer laminates for mass-efficient ballistic helmets. The focus of this work was to develop an understanding of how hybridization of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) thermoplastic with various other thermoplastic and thermoset materials would affect ballistic performance and back face deformation. Panels of various material combinations and of varying architectures were processed and tested. Architecturally hybridized panels of UHMWPE exhibited the highest resistance to dynamic backface deformation. Generally, there were tradeoffs between ballistic performance and backface deformation within the variations of architecturally hybridized composites. However, several of the panels (the 50/50 and 90/10 hybrid series) exhibited projectile resistances comparable, and in a few cases superior, to that of the [0/90] plate while still exhibiting a higher level of deformation resistance.
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