Expanding the Toolkit and Resource Environment to Assist Translation (TREAT) and Its User Base

Report No. ARL-TR-5563
Authors: Reginald L. Hobbs, Clare R. Voss, and Jamal Laoudi
Date/Pages: June 2011; 14 pages
Abstract: Our initial aim in building the Toolkit and Resource Environment to Assist Translation (TREAT) was to provide translators with a hands-on framework as a single access point for learning about, using, and sharing a wide variety of online tools to support their task needs. Our extreme programming approach to the software engineering of this framework has enabled our in-house senior translator to participate fully in the software design, evaluation, and iterative modification process. In this report, we describe our ongoing work with extensions to TREAT and the unexpected result that we now see simple incremental changes to this framework introducing valuable side effects. The extensions support a wider range of users who provide more feedback to the tool and framework developers. With the inclusion in TREAT of new software tools to support these users, our translator discovered that the new tool combinations-though intended to support others-have had the side effect of helping him; he reports that he can now find more phrases that he used to miss in his translations, enabling him to post-edit his own work and boost the quality of his translations.
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Last Update / Reviewed: June 1, 2011