An Integrated Weather Effects Decision Aid Parameter Weighting Scheme

Report No. ARL-TR-5570
Authors: Richard J. Szymber, Terry Jameson, David Knapp
Date/Pages: June 2011; 34 pages
Abstract: An Integrated Weather Effects Decision Aid (IWEDA) rules impact Parameter Weighting Scheme (PWS) has been developed for possible future incorporation in the new My Weather Impacts Decision Aid (MyWIDA). The PWS capability would allow the MyWIDA operator to focus on the most critical weather parameters affecting mission success based on the forecast weather situation, tactical scenario, and mission profile; by choosing the most mission-critical parameters and assigning relative weights according to their importance on operations. The PWS outputs a composite "impact score" at each grid cell for every weather forecast model level. This Cell Impact Score (CIS) quantifies how significantly the weather will impact a mission based on a simple scheme of assigning each parameter a light, moderate, or heavy weight. The development of this prototype PWS capability may eventually more accurately present IWEDA mission impacts due to adverse weather conditions and betterrepresent the "stoplight code"(green/amber/red) continuum.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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