Federal Specification MMM-A-1617B for Adhesive, Rubber-Base, General-Purpose HAP-Free Replacement

Report No. ARL-TR-5529
Authors: Faye R. Toulan; J. C. Todd Cremers; Ryan D. Robinson; John J. La Scala
Date/Pages: May 2011; 38 pages
Abstract: The goal of the Sustainable Painting Operations for the Total Army (SPOTA) program is to significantly reduce the amount of hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions produced in coatings operations, including application and removal of adhesives and sealants. This report focuses on potential HAP-free replacements for Federal Specification MMM-A-1617B: Adhesive, Rubber Base, General Purpose. A 180° peel adhesion test was conducted on a series of nine rubber-based contact adhesives using a variety of substrate combinations and conditioning parameters. The conditioning parameters consisted of various lengths of time, temperature, and immersion in liquids such as deionized (DI) water, IRM-901 reference oil, and JP-8 fuel. Three Clifton Adhesive, Inc., MMM-A-1617B qualified baseline contact adhesives containing HAPs were included in the test series. Clifton also provided three experimental contact adhesives that were either HAP free or low HAP and claimed to meet the MMM-A-1617B requirements. Three possible HAP-free alternative contact adhesives made by the 3M Company were also included in the test series. The alternative, HAP-free 3M-847 adhesive consistently exceeded the minimum requirements for MMM-A-1617B specification, while the Clifton products failed many of the minimum requirements.
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