Verification of Use of IBHVG in Screening of High-Metal Loading Igniter Materials for Optimum Ignition of JA2

Report No. ARL-TR-5658
Authors: Stephen L. Howard
Date/Pages: September 2011; 28 pages
Abstract: A smorgasbord of possible reaction pairs exists for high-metals loading igniter materials. While many of these reaction pairs initially appear to perform well when looking at a simple pressure-time history, the ignition and subsequent pressurization of the candidate propellant may not fulfill the desired metrics of improvement. The interior ballistics lumped-parameter code Interior Ballistics of High-Velocity Guns (IBHVG) has been utilized to describe simple ignition in a comparative ignition fixture. The code produced pressurization curves for JA2 of a particular form factor to be used in the fixture. These pressurization curves were used as a metric standard for evaluating the "goodness" of ignition of a particular igniter. Many candidate igniters of JA2 (including standard igniters) did not exceed the metric standard and will not receive further attention for JA2, while the candidates that did exceed the performance of the metric standard will continue to be evaluated.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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Last Update / Reviewed: September 1, 2011