Observation of Real Time Magnetization Inversion-recovery Using the SPAM Geometry and the CERMIT Protocol

Report No. ARL-TR-5742
Authors: Dimitri A. Alexson and Doran D. Smith
Date/Pages: September 2011; 24 pages
Abstract: We mechanically measure in real time the recovery of nuclear magnetization in an inversion-recovery experiment using a force gradient protocol by monitoring the frequency of a driven cantilever. The Ga69 polarization is initially inverted with a wide adiabatic rapid passage sweep lasting 20 ms. After inverting the polarization, we observe in real time the initial <50 mHz transient decay back to the base line as the polarization realigns along the Zeeman axis with a T1 of approximately 20 min for T = 4.8 K. The magnetization is shown to be inversely linear with temperature. The RF is on only during the adiabatic rapid passage sweep.
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