The Resonantly Diode Pumped, Cryogenic Ho3+:YVO4 2.05-μm Laser

Report No. ARL-TR-5736
Authors: George A. Newburgh and Mark Dubinskii
Date/Pages: October 2011; 12 pages
Abstract: We report what is believed to be the first laser operation based on Ho3+-doped yttrium orthovanadate (YVO4). The cryogenic (77 K) Ho+3:YVO4 was resonantly diode-pumped at ~1.93 ¼m to produce up to 1.6 W of continuous wave (CW) output power at ~2.054 ¼m. The laser had a slope efficiency of ~38% with respect to absorbed power. We have measured the absorption and stimulated emission cross sections of the Ho+3:YVO4 at 77 K, 175 K, and 300 K and present the calculated gain cross section spectrum at 77 K for different excited state inversion levels.
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