Yttria Nanoparticle Reinforced Commercially Pure (CP) Titanium

Report No. ARL-CR-0680
Authors: Sesh Tamirisa
Date/Pages: September 2011; 20 pages
Abstract: Previous literature reports have indicated as much as an approximate two-fold increase in tensile properties in commercially pure (CP) titanium (Ti) following the introduction of yttria (Y2O3) nanoparticles. However, these initial studies used laboratory-scale samples produced via an arc-melting process. In order to evaluate the potential for scale-up, CP Ti powders containing both yttria nanoparticles as well as titanium boride (TiB) reinforcements were produced through gas atomization. After consolidation and extrusion, room temperature tensile tests were conducted to determine the influence of reinforcements on strength and ductility. Three alloy powders—CP Ti, CP Ti + 0.3% Y2O3, and CP Ti + 0.3% Y2O3 + 0.5 B—were fabricated using a conventional Ti powder metallurgy route. Powder compacts were fabricated via hot isostatic pressing and billets were extruded to produce 12.7 mm diameter bars. Room temperature testing indicated that the addition of 0.3% Y2O3 increased the tensile strength by 25%. The addition of both 0.5% B and 0.3% Y2O3 increased the tensile strength of CP Ti by 67%. Furthermore, the addition of 0.5% B also increased the tensile modulus of CP Ti by 20%.
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