Elastic-Plastic Behavior of Cyclotrimethylene Trinitramine Single Crystals Under Spherical Indentation: Modeling and Simulation

Report No. ARL-RP-364
Authors: J. D. Clayton; R. Becker
Date/Pages: April 2012; 16 pages
Abstract: A nonlinear anisotropic elastic-plastic model is developed for single crystals of the energetic material cyclotrimethylene trinitramine (RDX). Numerical simulations of spherical indentation on oriented single crystals are performed; predictions are compared with experimental data and observations from the literature. Model predictions for elastic response and initial yield using elastic constants obtained from resonant ultrasound spectroscopy agree with experimental data; predicted forces using constants obtained from Brillouin scattering tend to exceed experimental data. Influences of elastic anisotropy and elastic nonlinearity are significant. Predicted slip system activity is in reasonable agreement with that deduced from experimental surface profiles when a uniform strength of G/20 is assigned to all six slip systems, with G an effective elastic shear modulus. Predicted indentation forces in the post-yield regime exceed those observed in experiments, suggesting that surface and possibly subsurface fractures may contribute to a loss of stiffness in experiments at larger indentation depths.
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