A Revised Interface for the ARL Topodef Mobility Design Tool

Report No. ARL-TR-5980
Authors: Andrew J. Toth and Michael Christensen
Date/Pages: April 2012; 22 pages
Abstract: Mobile ad-hoc networks provide a means of communicating in areas where there is no established infrastructure. Network emulation has proved to be a good compromise between the cost of full-scale experimentation and the speed of simulation as a means of testing new network protocols and the effects of applications on the network. In order to perform emulation experiments that include mobility, researchers need a tool to design scenarios that closely mimic real-world movement patterns. Scenario generation in the existing tool, Topodef, has proven to be a time-consuming process. Furthermore, maintenance of Topodef has been difficult due to significant coupling between its classes. We set out to create a new Topodef that would speed up the scenario design and generation process for the researcher, as well as improve maintainability and extensibility of the program. To accomplish this, the software was redesigned from the ground up, using the Model-View-Controller design pattern to reduce code coupling. The new user interface borrows elements from the real-time strategy genre of computer games to provide researchers with a path-based input mechanism.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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