Easily Processed Host-Guest Polymer Systems with High-Tg Characteristics (First-year Report)

Report No. ARL-MR-0819
Authors: J. A. Orlicki, R. Hoffman, and P. Costanzo
Date/Pages: May 2012; 24 pages
Abstract: A series of polymethylmethacrylates (PMMAs) were prepared with varying quantities of Diels-Alder (DA) crosslinks. The DA linkages are broken at elevated temperatures and may re-form at lower temperatures, which allowed the thermally responsive PMMA (TR-PMMA) to be blended with PMMA and melt processed on a laboratory scale twin-screw extruder. The blends were easily processed at elevated temperatures, although the initial level of DA crosslinkers included in the TR-PMMA backbone were insufficient to regenerate crosslinks. Higher levels of DA crosslinked TR-PMMAs have been prepared, and are being explored for DA bond reformation and mechanical behavior. In addition, the preparation of host-guest systems incorporating chromophores has been demonstrated, which will allow the use of the TR-polymer concept for electro-optically active polymer applications.
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