A Visual Library of Stability in Binary Metallic Systems: The Stabilization of Nanocrystalline Grain Size by Solute Addition: Part 1

Report No. ARL-TR-6007
Authors: Mark A. Atwater; Kris A. Darling
Date/Pages: May 2012; 80 pages
Abstract: In part 1, a visual library is reported for predicting stabilization in nanocrystalline binary alloys. A free energy model for grain boundary segregation and grain size stability has been applied for assessing the stability in 2288 distinct binary systems. The model incorporates accessible information that allows a more universal application. For each alloy pair, the values for elastic enthalpy, mixing enthalpy, minimum normalized grain-boundary energy, and the boundary concentration at the free energy minimum are reported. This data is presented in a periodic table format for each base solvent, where the pertinent parameters are reported numerically, and by color-coding to facilitate quick identification of stable alloys. The free energy of each system is dependent on the solvent, grain size, solute content, and temperature. In forthcoming work (part 2), the stabilization behavior of select alloys will be experimentally compared to the predictions reported here.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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Last Update / Reviewed: May 1, 2012