Owning the Environment: Stealth SoldierResearch Outline

Report No. ARL-SR-242
Authors: Tomasz R. Letowski
Date/Pages: May 2012; 26 pages
Abstract: Recent U.S. Army focus on the dismounted squad as the strategic formation in the current and future operational environments brings into focus lethality and force-protection gaps at the individual Soldier and small dismounted unit level. Successful and safe operations of small units in current operational environments can be enhanced by the development of new Soldier- and squad-level stealth and deception technologies and principles of operations. Both offensive and defensive stealth operations can be force multipliers and reduce the amount of friendly casualties. The current report presents an historical context of deception and stealth in military operations and outlines research needed to develop new safeguarding technologies for the dismounted Soldier. The document outlines the proposed research on sensory aspects of owning the environment and on the means to confuse the enemy regarding intended actions. An emphasis of the short- and medium-term objectives of the proposed research is on the acoustic elements of stealth and deception, due to their increasing viability and expected effectiveness for small squad operations.
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