Analysis of the Computer, Meteorological Data  Profilers (CMD-P) Capability to Assimilate Regional Radiosonde Data

Report No. ARL-TN-0505
Authors: P. Haines, J. Cogan, T. Jameson, and J. Swanson
Date/Pages: September 2012; 32 pages
Abstract: The Product Manager (PM) for Meteorological and Target Identification Capabilities (MaTIC) developed a laptop-based version of the Meteorological Measuring Set  Profiler (MMS-P) that should replicate the capabilities of the latest currently fielded version, the MMS-P Block I  Version 2 (B1v2). The laptop is a standard dual-processor VT Miltope CHS laptop. The B1v2 can generate all types of artillery meteorological (MET) messages. The PM funded the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) to evaluate the MET accuracy of the laptop system, the Computer, Meteorological Data  Profiler (CMD-P), as part of the overall Developmental Test (DT). The goal of this evaluation was to ascertain whether the CMD-P essentially generates the same messages as the B1v2. As in prior studies, we obtained Computer Meteorological Messages (METCMs) from the B1v2 and one of the CMD-Ps that was run in the same way and with the same starting time for assimilating the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reports, and the other CMD-P was run the same but without the WMO soundings. The results show that the CMD-Ps assimilate regional upper air data equivalently to the B1v2s.
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