Adsorptive Desulfurization of JP-8 Fuel Using Ag+/Silica Based Adsorbents at Room Temperature

Report No. ARL-TR-6139
Authors: Dat T. Tran, Zachary W. Dunbar, and Deryn Chu
Date/Pages: September 2012; 22 pages
Abstract: We report an adsorptive desulfurization of Army JP-8 fuel using silver ions (Ag+) tethered to porous silica at ambient conditions. Mesoporous silica—both one- and two-dimensional MCM-41 and MSUH, respectively—were studied as adsorbent support materials for the desulfurization of liquid phase JP-8 fuel. In this work, silver loadings up to ~33 wt.% on silica support materials were prepared and evaluated for the adsorptive desulfurization of JP-8 jet fuel. These adsorbents were characterized using JP-8 fuel containing ~400 ppmw sulfur at room temperature. The sulfur adsorption capacities of Ag+ (31.8 wt.%)/MSUH and Ag+ (32.8 wt.%)/MCM-41with static adsorption experiments were 24.0 and 26.4 mgS/g adsorbent, respectively. The sulfur adsorption capacities of Ag+ (31.8 wt.%)/MSUH, Ag+ (32.8 wt.%)/MCM-41, and Ag+ (28.1 wt.%)/ MSUH+MCM-41 with packed-bed adsorption experiments were 40.0, 31.8, and 24.3 mgS/g adsorbent, respectively. Sulfur removal and adsorption characteristics for these sorbents are described.
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