Precision Rolled-Ink Nano-Technology; Development of a Direct Write Technique for the Fabrication of Thin Films and Conductive Elements

Report No. ARL-TN-0509
Authors: Larry R. Holmes, Jr.
Date/Pages: October 2012; 22 pages
Abstract: Direct-writing offers serial or point deposition for the fabrication of two-dimensional linear elements or patterns. A common use for direct write technologies in two-dimensions is the fabrication of sensors, antennas and other conductive circuitry. This article describes the development of a novel, low-cost technique for the direct deposition of conductive elements on multiple substrates. Precision Rolled Ink-Nanoparticle Technology (PRINT), described here, is used to deposit particulate solutions, termed"inks"in order to create the conductive elements. The utility of PRINT is shown for multiple substrates with varying surface topographies, including: fiber reinforced polymer composites, glass, metals, ceramics, and others. Development of the PRINT system and future work are discussed.
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