Validation Testing and Numerical Modeling of Advanced Armor Materials

Report No. ARL-TR-6244
Authors: Stephan R. Bilyk and Thomas A. Bjerke
Date/Pages: November 2012; 40 pages
Abstract: This report documents a preliminary experimental, analytical, and modeling effort for validating a numerical approach using constitutive material strength response with an appropriate yield surface model. The research is sub-divided into three areas: engineering design and specimen preparation for Taylor impact testing, analytical solution for the dynamic yield strength of the materials used, and numerical modeling of the Taylor impact test for validation of a simplified constitutive response model. The material of interest is called metal matrix composite (MMC) and consist of a strengthening component embedded in an aluminum alloy matrix. For this study, we perform Taylor impact tests on a unique, lightweight aluminum-based MMC. We compare the observed deformation with results obtained from companion experiments using specimens made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy only. We perform a detailed analysis of the deformed specimen shapes to determine the dynamic yield strength. Additionally, hydrocode simulations of the Taylor impact test using material models appropriate for the specimen material types are performed and compared to experimental data for model validation. This work provides the foundation for developing and validating robust MMC material models that may ultimately lead to innovative lightweight armor concepts.
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