Short-exposure Turbulent Tilt-phase Frequency Dependence in Passive Imaging

Report No. ARL-TR-6254
Authors: David H. Tofsted
Date/Pages: November 2012; 30 pages
Abstract: In a previous paper, short-exposure imaging through atmospheric turbulence was shown to include a non-negligible tilt-phase effect. This effect was modeled as a modifying factor, exp[A(X,Q) ω2], dependent on a normalized angular frequency, ω, and a function A dependent on non-dimensional turbulence (X) and diffraction (Q) related parameters. The present paper describes a subsequent analysis performed at high 2 values that has revealed an additional moderate ω dependence in A. The new functionality of A(X,Q, ω) produces diffraction limited behavior at high frequency, but increases the amount of correction of short-exposure turbulence effects at intermediate frequencies. The resulting behavior is parameterized through a new series of analytic expressions.
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